Benefits of Tracking your vehicles on real-time basis using GPS Technology

With the advancement of GPS tracking technologies over the last decade more and more businesses, fleet and vehicle owners are moving towards enabling their vehicles with GPS trackers.

And for those who haven’t yet made the leap of faith the question that remains is, will getting a GPS tracker installed in my fleet/vehicles benefit me or my company?

The straight forward answer to it would be “Yes”, Imagine you dial 911 or 100 and the officer answering your call has no idea about his fleet of patrol vehicles location? Imagine the potential loss that awaits you if the dispatcher has no real-time location info of their on-duty patrol vehicles, fire trucks or ambulances? you might lose your house to fire, or lose your life to time..

Having spent the last 12+ years working on electronic surveillance, and GPS tracking technologies. I have had personal and first hand exposure to how GPS tracking technology has evolved from basic location tracking of vehicles at a set intervals to instant real-time tracking of vehicles location.

With the advancing of technology, and integration of newer technology tracking devices these days do much more than just tracking your vehicle, it also provides you with real-time insights on your vehicle and drivers behavior and incidents.

A combination of a perfect advanced GPS Tracking software platform and the Right tracking device can help you or your business run your business more efficiently reducing operational cost, and increasing customer satisfaction.

A GPS tracker recieves its location data from satellites using a GPS/GLONASS signal reciever, and when GPS satellites information is not available it falls back to GSM network to triangulate its location with the help of nearest cell towers.

Typically gps location data from the devices will contain latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, course(direction) and time. Newer and advanced devices provides not only location data but also data generated by the vehicle and its on-board vehicle computer and sensors.

There are various types of trakcers depending on their features, although they all do the same function they all have unique capabilities which can be further utilized to achieve application or industry specific features, I have tried to list few below for reference.

1. Wired Trackers

The standard tracking devices come with wires which can be further attached to the vehicles power system and ACC (accessories) line. One of the most prominent benefits of a wired tracker is the ability to provide theft and tamper alerts to the user, in the case that the tracker or its wire is being tampered with the owner/user can be immediately notified by the device of theft/tampering. Another benefit is the ability to discretely hide these device under the hood or trunk.

2. OBD II Trackers

Most vehicles have an OBD II (on-board diagnostic) connection, through this obd port one can recieve data from the vehicles on-board computer and other systems. GPS Tracker manufacturers now provide tracking devcies that can be plugged directly to the OBD II port of your vehicle the advantage of these trackers are that it can be installed as a plug and play device without the need for technical expertise and thus reducing cost towards installations and it can provide valuable and important diagnostic informations about your vehicles health which may include RPM, Harsh Braking Information, Engine Temprature, and Error Codes, Dis-advantage of OBD based trackers are that they are not discrete

3. Electric Cigar Tracker

These are the same as standard tracker mentioned earlier, the only difference being that these devices are plugged into the Cigar lighter or charger port of your vehicle.

There are many more newer type of trackers, one of the best innovations is the fact that the data being sent by these trackers are and can be further enhanced and computted by the software / server.

Features such as geo-fence, overspeeding alert, analtyics of driving pattern can be done by the server software upon reciving of data from these trackers.

It is important to choose the right device and right software, feel free to write to us or post your questions on our forum and one of us would be more than happy to assist you and guide you in the right direction.

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