Searching for simple Tracking server code  


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15/05/2019 2:39 pm  


i have few ST901 tracking devices and its working fine with sinotrack websites.

i just want my own server. i already have vps at digitalocean.

i just want a simple code to collect the location and push to a mysql database. I dont want any other features. just a table with device id with latitude/long with date and time.

i searched alot but i cant find a correct code. even the traccar is so complicated for me since i am new to linux.

can you recommend a software or code for this. Thanks


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15/05/2019 3:17 pm  


There are two ways you can get this done.

1. You can use traccar and just use the tables you need and ignore the other features. 

- As you mentioned you are not able to get traccar setup (we can help you set it up, you can contact us why the chat option on the bottom right for details)


2. If you know any programming language you may try to build a software to accept and store these data from devices (this might be a complicated process)

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